Saturday, June 05, 2004


Seems like we've been biking forever ... although I don't know if I shold say that now, seeing as that we've only pedaled through one province so far but what a Province! We pedaled over 1000kms up and down valeys, through passes and over mountains! Both of us agree that the downhill part was the best and we both agree that we won't have anymore 30km long hills to chug up. The road over Paulson summit into Castlegar is a good example of that. It took us 4 hours to climb 35kms to the summit and about 45 minutes to cruise down into the city only touching the brakes to keep in control.
We made a deviation from hwy 3 and went north through nelson in order to avoid salmo pass, wich everyone we spoke with assured us was the most terrible, steepest, longest pass in the rockies. Having just pedaled over anarchist mountain (very fitting name) we wanted nothing to do with that. We spent a day resting in Nelson, only in Nelson would you see a sign outside a shop that says "Please do not deal in the garden". From Nelson to the rockies the road seemed much tamer with very slight grades up into cranbrook, down for a while then slowly up all the way through fernie and over crows nest pass. Our legs felt pretty good after a week or so of steep passes and we managed to bike the final 500km from nelson to Alberta in just 4 days!
Now looking to the horizon we only see rolling foothills and armedwith the knowledge that everything on this side of the continental divide flows to the atlantic we're looking forward to a nice coast east!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo

Congadulations you two, I'm stoked to hear of your adventures and it is my wish that your traveling safetly. I just wanted to you guys to know that there are heads out there thinking of you and I hope to see you when you roll through Ontario

Peace_ Ru

June 6, 2004 at 8:04 PM  

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