Thursday, June 24, 2004

And on to province #4 "MANITOBA": Chloe

So far I like Manitoba. No shoulders on the roads but for the most part highway 2 is quiet and the traffic moves over. The people here in the small towns are really friendly and interested to know where we are going. Yesterday we stopped for coffee in Reston, as we were in the restaurant a group of old timers sitting together got up and left. As soon as they were out side they spotted our bikes and spent at least 5 minutes pointing at them and discussing something about the bikes and trailers (they pointed at them a lot?).
We are taking a rest day today in a town called Souris. There are peacocks here. Some one started a bird sanctuary, and these peacocks are every where. We spent all last night trying to figure out what kind of bird was making the horrible noises ( I thought it was seagulls mating) and it turns out to be the peacocks. Pretty neat looking birds when the puff there back feathers up.
Once again we have some interesting neighbors in the camp ground. Two couples in there 50's traveling together. Our first contact was when they were heading out for a walk and as they walked by us they commented "do you think we'll make it through the night" (the weather has been cool, but this was a bit extreme). We got a kick out that. They were over concerned on how we actually handle being outdoors in the weather and biking in it day in and day out. They brought us some puffed wheat square latter in the evening which was very nice. It certainly helped us make it through the night!


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