Friday, June 18, 2004

Marquis Sask.

Flat ...... pretty darn flat is what I would say if you asked me to describe this place. Flat but comfortable and pleasant, chloes' grandmother, aunt and uncle have been our hosts for the past 4 days, to sum it all up we sleep in till 10, relax all day in a real bed, or in the hot tub and eat ..... I've gained 5 lbs in 4 days, we're fed well to say the least. I'm starting to feel a bit of a longing for the vertical terrain though, climbing up ontop of the storage hoppers (32ft) just isn't doing it for me anymore. My memories of the rock in the Bow valley are starting to be a bit muddled I think ... all I can think about are pitch after pitch of beautiful limestone ... anyone who's climbed much rocky mountain limestone will know the extent of my delusion.

It seems along the way that we have become entertainment, entertainment for people passing in cars (please don't honk at us ... we can't see you waving as you streak by at 120kph) and entertainment for the livestock ... that's right, cows, horses, lamas, donkeys, you name it. It seems that we move at a slow enough pace for these animals to truly appreciate us. As soon as we come into sight every barnyard animal who's tall enough to see us will stop what they're doing and stare as we pedal past. You could only imagine the pressure as you're riding your bike, of a herd of a hundred cows all standing quietly, staring at you as pedal by ... I hope we're as entertaining to them as they are to us.


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