Wednesday, June 16, 2004

On the farm: Chloe

We made it to Grandma's house in Marquis Saskachewan, which is 30 km north of Moose Jaw. It is so nice to be here. We will take 3 or 4 days off here. My uncle Gean and aunt Gail who live in the same yard but different houses (my uncle runs the farm now) have a hot tub which we have been making good use of. My grandma continues to over feed us, every 15 minutes she is offering new suggestions of what we can eat. We got here 2 days ago and are feeling very relaxed. We had been getting rained on a fair bit prior to getting here and its nice to have a few nights to sleep in a house, and not worry what the weathers doing.
We have now biked over 2000 km, in theory we are a quarter of the way across Canada.
Biking through Saskatchewan has went very quickly, It took us 4 days to reach Marquis from the Sask boarder. 2 of those days we biked 145 km. Its amazing what you can do with the wind at your back. We plan to hit the Ontario border by the first of July.

Its really neat, with all the rain, there are a lot of puddles in ditches and in fields which are full of frogs. Its such a soothing sound to ride by, 100's of frogs chirping happily in there little puddle. I have also been enjoying all the birds, and there songs. They sit on sign posts and it feels as if they are talking to you as you bike by. I try to chirp back but I find I sound nothing like them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and Chloe, Congratulations on making it over the great divide. Now it's downhill all the way - except for the uphill parts!
We would love to see you if you are passing through Montreal - and you can crash at our pad for as long as you want. Let us know if and when you might be coming through. We can be reached at or (514) 489-2184.
May your skies be clear, the roads at least level, and the wind from behind,
Don and Anne

June 18, 2004 at 9:17 AM  

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