Thursday, June 24, 2004

souris manitoba, home of canadas longest swinging bridge!

Ah, Manitoba. We were greeted with a wicked crosswind and horizontal hail almost instantly as we crossed the border into the 4th of the bigger provinces on our tour. Finally some free camping, the small town we stopped in on our first night seemed to be a gift of sorts, the turn-off appearing through the cold hail just as we were beginning to tire of the rain and the sign that said 'camping by donation' was enough for us to set up camp right away. After spending $15 to stay in the mosquito infested baseball diamond/ swamp they called the campground in Carlyle Saskachewan, this place was heaven! Seems as though the less we pay, the better the camping. I think that rule might just apply to us though, we don't have to worry about pulling a 40ft motor home around, or power and water hook ups, or even more important things like satellite t.v...... go figure ... I don't know how we survive either.

After all that time off (4 days did seem like an eternity) it's good to be back on our bikes. We should be all the way through Manitoba in 5 days, Kenora on June 29th. I lost our maps yesterday, it's a good thing the trail is easy to follow! For the first time in a month of pulling out the map case and poring over the distances eveytime we stopped I finally forgot to put it back in my bag. I didn't really feel like biking back 25kms to go get it so we've let it go. Both Chloe and I have decided that it was probably for the best. The maps were free CAA maps that were not quite as accurate as we would have liked. The only big loss was the old used maps of B.C. Alberta and Sakachewan that we had marked with a marker in order so see our progress. It certainly was motivational to look back on that sinuous black line weaving its way forcefully across the maps and know that we had covered that much distance. Ah well ... at least we don't have to carry all that extra weight anymore!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's no wonder that Souris Manitoba seemed to be a gift of sorts. What I didn't realize, and you certainly didn't know, is that your great grandfather Hetherington's family all came from the Souris area. Grandad told me this on the phone last night. There are apparently Hetherington headstones in the local cemetery and he has in fact been there to see them.
So you were being watched over on your way in out of the rain....


July 5, 2004 at 10:31 AM  
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July 9, 2004 at 3:12 PM  

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