Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Through Alberta in 4 days: Chloe

It looks like we will be through Alberta in 4 days. It took us 14 days of biking to get through B.C, So this seems strange to zip through Alberta so fast. We are about 65 km out side of medicine Hat, where we plan to camp tonight. Tomorrow we will make to Saskatchewan.

Our Odometers are at 1530 km. We have been riding 100 km a day.

We have followed highway 3 through B.C and Alberta, today we will hit the trans Canada which we will follow until Moose Jaw Saskatchewan where my Grandma lives near by. We will take a good rest break there.

I really like rural Alberta. We got our bakery goodies free, this morning when we stopped for coffee and tea. The locals always give us good advice on where near by camp grounds are, and an interesting story or two. I feel very welcomed by the people we have met in this area.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Crazy Bikers

Hey Chloe it's your cousin Erin, if you are near Toronto you must stop and stay for a while. Andrew is in Ottawa and he loves company also. Hope your doing well and I look forward to see you.

June 11, 2004 at 2:17 PM  

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