Monday, July 12, 2004

Northern Ontario: the land of Trees,Moose, Mosquito's, and lots of bugs that want to eat me: Chloe

My shiner is gone and there is not much trace of my accident left, although I now ride over railway crossing with a bit of apprehension, tightly gripping the handle bars.

We are definitely in bug country. We had a couple of bad nights where the mosquito's were really pesky but the worst was when we camped at Falcon lake which is on the Manitoba/ Ontario border. We pulled into the camp site hot and sweaty after riding a 140 km day to be welcomed by hundreds of swarming mosquito's. We had to take turns cooking. One of us would sit in the tent while the other watched dinner then we would switch off. That was so unpleasant, but luckily they haven't been that bad since, we eat dinner in the tent most nights, but my idea of being eaten alive by mosquito's has a whole new meaning. I have also had the chance to experience black flies, they don't touch Chris but they eat me alive. I have to say that I personally think the black flies are the worst bugs we've encountered, they seem a little smarter than mosquito's, they go straight for my neck and behind my ears, and they leave the itchyest bites.

This is my first time in shield country. I like all of the rock and trees, it is so different from the rest of Canada. When we went canoeing near Kenora we camped on a big clean rock slab the jutted out into the lake. It was definitely one of the nicest places I have ever gotten camp.

We have started running into other bike tourists now that there is a choice of 2 highways. We have been playing leap frog with another couple (Joanne and Dave) since we left Kenora. Its been so nice to talk to someone who knows what you've gone through to come this far.


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