Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ontario ... the Big One Baby!

Accidents do happen they say, and the odds were against us riding our bikes all day, everyday, for a month on end. After spending our rest day in Souris Manitoba, we took off eager to ride 100 kilometers or more. 10 kilometers out of town we crossed a set of railway tracks that angled across the highway at about a 45 degree angle. I watched from behind as Chloes front tire was caught in the second track and her bike was thrown over onto its side. We were doing about 20-25 kph, in her own words "it happened so fast I was more surprised than anything", she landed on her left side and bounced, first hitting her helmet, then her cheek. As soon as she stopped, she jumped up and ran off the highway, at least I knew she wasn't too badly injured! Chloe got away with a black eye and some bruises. Seems like it didn't affect her riding performance though! Afterwards we rode 110km, 100km, 150km and 90km over 4 days to reach Kenora, Ontario the home base of our friend Jeremy Dean in Canmore.
Our ride over the last stint has been fast, the wind was with us everyday but the first. When we passed through St. Claude, Manitoba, we were spared having to camp next to the high school safe-grad by an incredibly kind couple of bicycle tourist sympathizers who put us up in a bed and fed us breakfast before we left for Winnipeg. We got on the road so early that day that we arrived in Winnipeg around noon that day. We had enough time to go into the city, hit MEC and get the goodies we wanted and walk around enough to get the gist of Winnipeg, nice city! We left the next morning and biked 150 kms to Falcon lake, the beginning of the Canadian Shield!! It's so exciting to have some new terrain, it's not flat anymore, and there are trees! Fabulous trees! Ones that grow in a forest, not in a perfect horeshoe around the farm house. There's granite about as well, piles of it, everywhere, all around us and for the next little while I'm sure .... It's all very exciting. Right now we're about to celebrate Canada day in Kenora and head out on a four day canoe trip tomorrow morning! Wish us clear skies and waters!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris and Chloe! (from Mark Potter)

I finally read your exerpts from your trip--excellent!
You guys are amazing--welcome home to Ontario---put the cottage on Deer Bay as a visit spot if you can---we feed youths!----steal your parents car if you can't come by bike---either works for Diane and I--Steven and David are both here too---working across the Lake-------Love to see you guys-----Mark

July 6, 2004 at 9:25 AM  

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