Friday, July 23, 2004

Thunder Bay to Hanmer : Chloe

10 days straight of riding, one bear, 2 moose and of course bugs, bugs and more bugs, thick traffic with no shoulders on the road and we are out of Northern Ontario!  It really wasn't that bad.

We are now in Hanmer which is about 20 km north of Sudbury taking a much needed rest at my Aunt Leone and Uncle Berns home.  We have been hanging out by there pool in there beautiful oasis of a back yard, drinking beer and trying to figure out what to eat next, we have about 6 choices of meals we could eat for dinner tonight, which sure beats the boiled vegetables and pasta we eat every night.   We have also got to watch a bit of la tour de France, I think the appeal to us, is that its nice to watch someone else work hard biking.

We went from Thunder Bay to about 20 km past Nipigon, where we ducked off the road to camp for the night .  It was about 9pm and we were both reading when Chris herd heavy breathing outside the tent and sat up, I herd a crunch sound like something had stepped in moss.  So Chris, the brave one out of us poked his head out of the tent and saw a little black bear 2 meters from the tent and coming closer.  He yelled and then clapped his hands which scared the bear off.  We got out of the tent and took the air horn off my bike just in case the bear came back, but luckily we did not have a return visitor. 

We biked through the Lake superior National park which was very hilly, but also very beautiful.  We saw some of the nicest scenery around this area.  Just after we left the Park we camped in Batchawana Bay at a camp ground where we made friends with the owner "Dan"  and his girlfriend Ellen.  We stayed up to 1 am talking with them about the local area, and basically the out doors: from ice climbing to canoeing to caving and exploring old mines.  They even gave us beer!  It was so refreshing to talk with them, they just seem to have a special spark for life inside of them that spreads when you spend time with them.

Since we went through Sault Ste Marie the road hasn't been so good.  It is narrow and full of big trucks and lots of traffic with no shoulders.  We have 1 more day of riding on it once we leave Hanmer and then we turn off and follow Manatoulin Island and the Bruce peninsula down to highway 10.  The traffic should then lighten up a fair bit. 

It feels good to have made this much progress through Ontario,  the province isn't quite as threatening as it once was.


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