Monday, July 12, 2004

Thunder bay

It's taken a little bit to get back into the swing of things. We had an incredible break with the Deans in Kenora, we were treated to good food, a bed, and the chance to paddle for 4 days on beautiful Dryberry lake. The paddling was the nicest treat, we had gotten used to "camping" next to the highway and in R.V. parks and the quiet and solitude we experienced were priceless. After spending a week off our bikes we both knew it was time to start riding again if we wanted to make it to the east coast with any time to spare. We decided to travel Highway 11 south from Kenora towards the US border then across to Thunder bay, it turned out to be theright choice! The traffic was so light it didn't matter if the shoulder was a mess, we just rode on the road. Our first day was a downer for me, shield country is beautiful, but hilly and unrelentingly buggy. If we want to stop we have to find just the right spot so the bugs are "less" bad and when we ride our speed yo-yos constantly between 40kph and 5kph as we weave our way through the shield. Luckily for my moral as soon as we left Kenora we started meeting more and more bicycle tourists like ourselves. We shared camping on our first night with another couple biking across Canada who had traveled more or less the exact route we took! It was great to be able to exchange stories with other bikers, it seems we camped in allot of the same places as well. Our last day on the road before Thunder bay we met 2 more parties of bikers, two men finishing their tour in Thunder bay and two more, a father son team, on their way to the east coast as well. They were moving fast! Averaging over 150km a day, impressive! We're taking two days here and then we'll be off around lake Superior. We've been told that our next leg is the sketchiest of the whole trip, the road along the lake is apparently very windy with little to no shoulder. It should only be for a couple days before we're back on safe roads again!


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