Monday, September 20, 2004


woo hoo!! I've finally made it out to the last province of this ride. Right now I'm relaxing with my friend Pete, who I met in Canmore when I first arrived there. His place in Cornerbrook was very, very welcome, it's been a long 3 days from Port au basques. When I arrived at the ferry terminal in Nova Scotia I jumped onto the first ferry, which happened to leave at 11:59pm and arrive at 6am, great! Except for the fact that the seats on the ferry, although reclining and soft, seemed to have been designed specifically to be as uncomfortable as humanly possible. I spent a day "resting" trying to sleep through the daylight with trucks and cars passing 20ft away. Needless to say, even though I wasn't riding my bike it wasn't the most relaxing time off I could have imagined. In retrospect I wish I had ridden that day because now, hurricane Ivan is blowing with incredibly strong north and north east winds the forecasts have said 60-80km per hour with gusts to 130kph. Yesterday was without a doubt the hardest day of riding of the entire trip. I knew it was going to be good first thing in the morning, it was cold, and wet, everything I had was wet, both of my shoes were full of water and my gear must have weighed 10lbs more because it was all soaked. The wind blew incessantly into my face all day long, I had to pedal in my lowest gear almost the whole way, even downhill where the wind would stop me in my tracks if I didn't pedal. Combining the winds with rain and cold made the day truly horrible, the whole way I doubted if I would even be able to ride the 100km I needed to reach Cornerbrook. In the end I did make it and I'm so grateful to the Thurlow family for letting me stay under their roof while the weather blows over.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

the east

Where do I even begin. I'm sitting right now in the library of north sydney, nova scotia waiting for the ferry to leave, it's 7:30 pm now and after having riden a full day, I'm not looking too forward to waiting till midnight for this boat, but that's the way it is I guess. The last days of riding have ben a blur, two days from montreal to quebec city. I satyed with my aunt in Beauport for two days visiting, and gathering contacts for places to stop along the way east. Four days later I found myself in dalhousie, new brunswick. The riding had been fast until now, I had a tailwind that blew me all the way from montreal. After a day off in dalhousie waiting for the remenants of hurricane francis to disperse I headed of again. Now the riding changed, I faced allot of hills (small, but frequent) and a pretty good headwind. fun fun fun, I'm missing chloe more and more every day, it's been hard keping my motivation up. There are other things too, I've been hit by at least twice as many bugs, and the dogs seem to like me ( I think chloe kept them at bay somehow, these are the first to bother me on the whole trip) They'll chase me the whole lengh of their yards, sometimes more.

all that said I'm having a great time, I can't wait to get to newfoundland and see this newfie granite I keep hearing about!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Changes in the trip : Chloe

We haven't writen for a while and the status of our bike trip has changed. I had to make the dessision to stop biking. I started getting light headed/dizzy about a week before we met up to bike with Chirs's parents. Our planned stay in Toronto for 2 weeks turned into a month because i was still not feeling any better and i started getting headachs. So we decided to to take the train to Montreal to see my freinds Jamie and Dave, and Chris's Aunt Anne and Uncle Don and I really wanted to see Montreal. Then I took a flight back to Edmonton form there.

Chris decided to keep biking from Montreal. He has been pulling off some 185km days (wow). When I talked to him 2 days ago he was in Dalhousie, which is on the Quebec/New Brunswick bourder looking out to the Ocean. He said it was very windy because of how exposed it is there, he was also getting rained on fairly heavily form the tail end of huricane Frances. I hope he gets some dryer days to come.

I'm relaxing at my moms. I have been seeing my doctor here, and am basicly waiting for more tests to get done. He dosen't know whats going on with out more tests and it takes a month or more to get an apointment for some of this stuff. It just fristrating having to wait.
Chris fly's to Edmonton the begining of October and we will head back to Canmore shortly after. I'm looing forward to being back in Canmore, I'm dreaming of mountains.