Thursday, September 16, 2004

the east

Where do I even begin. I'm sitting right now in the library of north sydney, nova scotia waiting for the ferry to leave, it's 7:30 pm now and after having riden a full day, I'm not looking too forward to waiting till midnight for this boat, but that's the way it is I guess. The last days of riding have ben a blur, two days from montreal to quebec city. I satyed with my aunt in Beauport for two days visiting, and gathering contacts for places to stop along the way east. Four days later I found myself in dalhousie, new brunswick. The riding had been fast until now, I had a tailwind that blew me all the way from montreal. After a day off in dalhousie waiting for the remenants of hurricane francis to disperse I headed of again. Now the riding changed, I faced allot of hills (small, but frequent) and a pretty good headwind. fun fun fun, I'm missing chloe more and more every day, it's been hard keping my motivation up. There are other things too, I've been hit by at least twice as many bugs, and the dogs seem to like me ( I think chloe kept them at bay somehow, these are the first to bother me on the whole trip) They'll chase me the whole lengh of their yards, sometimes more.

all that said I'm having a great time, I can't wait to get to newfoundland and see this newfie granite I keep hearing about!


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