Friday, October 01, 2004

Almost there

Seems like I've been biking against the wind and rain alone forever. Since Cornerbrook, I've noticed the true Newfie spirit, a deep kindness and an unintelligible speech, you're either refered to as 'boy' or 'my lover' wich I had to hear a few times to believe. I'm so close, the fact that I'm 200km from the end of my journey is the only thing that's keeping me on track. If I didn't have to be in st.johns for my flight home I'd probably just give up right now. That's silly though, I've traveled 7750km to get here and to give up now with so little distance left to cover is ridiculous. I've been traveling at a much slower pace that usual, to avoid hanging out in st.johns for more than a couple days and wasting all my money away. The road through Newfoundland has been good so far, the pavement anyways, I always have a shoulder and the pavement is smooth. The hills and weather however seem to have ganged up against me for my last push. The hills seem to be piled one after another to the horizon and the wind seems to be blowing cold rain most of the time. I'm almost there though, the rugged beauty of the land and the kindness of the folk here have pulled my through.